Archives for August 10, 2003

X Prize Advances

Spaceship glides to a test landing
Burt Rutan
is the modern day Kelly Johnson, an aerospace designer way, way ahead of his time.

He’s the main brain pushing Scaled Composites, which is trying to win the X Prize, 10 Million Dollars to:

…jumpstart the space tourism industry through competition between the most talented entrepreneurs and rocket experts in the world. The $10 Million cash prize will be awarded to the first team that:
Privately finances, builds & launches a spaceship, able to carry three people to 100 kilometers (62.5 miles)
Returns safely to Earth
Repeats the launch with the same ship within 2 weeks.

This is terrific news. My prediction: SC wins, within the next 2 years. And nobody else is even close to a second launch (it wouldn’t surprise me to see a one-off launch, but the repeat is the truly enormous hurdle, and they’ll win going away).

Then what? Will there be a market for it? I ask your opinion.