Archives for August 26, 2003

More French Heatwave Fallout

Seems 50 victims of the recent heat wave in France aren’t being picked up by their loved ones. the dissident frogman | Pick Up Your Dead


SoBig finally makes it to my house

Frankly, I’d been feeling a little left out. There’s this fun new email worm (SoBig.F), and I hadn’t gotten any! How odd, thought I.

Until this afternoon, when I got 11 infected emails in a row, all from different senders (I know it wasn’t them sending, but that’s beside the point).

Fortunately, I’m a paranoid, and not only run a firewall that quarantines ‘bad’ email attachments, but also a slick anti-virus program. And there’s a new worm variant supposed to come out soon (so this was a beta test version).

CNN reports that spammers may be the driving influence behind this. I hope that’s true, that’ll finally get our congress interested in spammers, and off evil college kids swapping MP3’s.

Update: roughly an hour later, I’m up to 23. Hmm.
Update2: then after 33 virus-laden emails, it suddenly stops. I figure the hosting service is running some kind of screener program, and it shut down temporarily. If so, thanks, Jumpline! If not, things are ever weirder than I thought.