More French Heatwave Fallout

Seems 50 victims of the recent heat wave in France aren’t being picked up by their loved ones. the dissident frogman | Pick Up Your Dead



  1. Gosh, only 50 out of 10,000 corpses weren’t picked up? That’s just downright statistically … expected! :-)

  2. LibraryGryffon says:

    That was 50 corpses in Bordeaux alone. Paris had something like 400 where they knew who the corpse was, but couldn’t find any family. Bordeaux had actually contacted the next of kin who were refusing to come. And that’s not counting however many there were who the undertakers are having to keep on ice till the family vacation ends – God forbid that a funeral cut short the annual trip to the seaside!

    You should read a few posts further down to his description of his uncle’s death. It’s criminal.