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CBS | Late Show Top Ten Archive: July 31, 2003

Top Ten Reasons Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Not Running For Governor of California

10. Name wouldn’t fit on campaign button

9. Robot from future killed his campaign manager

8. After you’re “Mr. Universe,” “Governor of California” seems kinda lame

The rest….

7. Week-long budget talks would leave no time to work on his pecs

6. Can’t spell governor

5. Has decided to run for Hulk instead

4. Rumor that they test gubernatorial candidates for steroids

3. Decided he only wants jobs where it’s appropriate to be “oiled up”

2. Realized his questionable background and dumb-guy reputation would better qualify him to be president

1. Didn’t want to take a 29-million dollar pay cut

This as a service to my readers who don’t stay up late.


  1. As always, Dave is spot-on with his humor…thanks for the list – my bedtime (sadly) precludes me from watching Dave usually!

  2. Bahahahahaa! Number 8 is my favorite.