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CroFab Shortage?

Anyone else out there having a CroFab shortage? CroFab is the current state of the art in crotalidae envenomations (and that’s my first link to the Toxicology Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

I had a patient with a moderately-severe snakebite (probably a copperhead by the description) recently, and had to get way too many people involved to get CroFab for treatment (we got it). We were told there was a ‘nationwide backorder’ by our pharmacy and by the regional poison control center.

I was OK with that until I went to the FDA’s Drug Shortage Page which is silent on the issue of CroFab, indicating there may not be a nationwide shortage.

Who’s right? Tell me if you are having problems, or not. Maybe this has somehow escaped reporting.

A T-shirt for the Week

From What on Earth, a T-shirt for the week:

My Reality

As a reminder, and so this is more a joke than the reality it’s becoming here in Texas, Please remember to vote FOR Proposition 12 this Saturday.

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