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Navy Docs are Movie Heroes

Yeah, right, you say. Well, I just saw a movie making Navy doctors heroes, and then I thought, how many others are there?

Tonight’s fare, Dive Bomber, also covered here and here, is a barely pre-Pearl Harbor story of flight surgeons discovering pressure suits for naval aviators. (That the pressure suits look like those worn with diving helmets is amusing, and possibly accurate).

Mister Roberts is special to me, and their Ships’ Surgeon (William Powell) is quotable in my house (“have an aspirin; here, I’ll have one with you”). Although the movie is inexplicably about a Lt.jg, the best acting is definitely the scene stealing Navy doc.

Purple Hearts is the last I can think of, and it’s one of those movies that everyone ought to know, but doesn’t (Cherly Ladd and Ken Wahl never made the A list, but it’s the best work they did). It’s also the first movie I recall R. Lee Ermey in(and he was great), but that’s another post.

OK, what other movies are there that glorify the Navy Doctor? Corpsman movies are gladly accepted, also (I’m dense, none come immediately to mind).

Angle-Grinder Man

via CNN
Angle-Grinder Man To The Rescue
My kind of idiot. If ever in London, and you get The Boot, call this chap and he’ll provide his ‘wheel clamp removal service’.

Might be worth calling just for the experience.