Archives for September 30, 2003

Going Bare – my take

Medpundit has a post about a doc (FP) who is going without medmal insurance. The implied rationale is that since his net worth is negative (debt), and since suing him looks unattractive (no insurance), this is his plan to not get sued.

A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure had previously written about Florida docs who were ‘going bare’, making their hospital the big target, which has some attraction: hospitals are Institutions and not easily attacked, and they generally have squads of attorneys on staff or retainer, making them hard to sue effectively (though it happens often enough).

This is stupid for several reasons, and I’m not a shark plaintiffs’ attorney, I’m sure they’d be glad to explain more reasons. First, from a purely practical aspect, most hospitals won’t let you be on staff unless you’re insured for at least a minimum amount. They aren’t interested in being the deepest pocket, and as we’re (mostly) not their employees they don’t want the multi-mil$ liability.

Second, as was explained to me when I was but a pup, “yeah, you have nothing now, but you will someday, so I’d get a judgement and then renew it every 7 years”. Because your net worth is negative today doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way. Just remember that bankruptcy doesn’t wipe out many jury verdicts.

Third, the nail that sticks up is the one that gets hammered down. This doc is deliberately making himself a target, and might get sued just to scare others into not going bare.

Lastly, say he gets sued. All his legal expenses are out of pocket (mine are covered in my policy), billed at huge numbers per hour (more than an FP collects by far), and there’s no settling for more than you have in savings, because you don’t have it.

I gripe every time I write a (substantial) check for medmal insurance, and I thank my lucky stars I have it.

Gadgets I want

Add a power washer to that list. I rented one today to get our porch ready to re-paint (and an awful lot of the old paint came off), and it was terrific. The porch is ready to paint! (Write me for directions, and I’ll supply the rollers).

I also used it to clean the pebble-finished front porch, and to remove some (concrete drool? the stuff that inevitably winds up on the old surfaces from the new concrete project). It worked well for that, too.

I couldn’t start it for about 10 minutes, then I found the ‘on’ switch. Doh! Then it started on the first pull. Heh. A good time was had, and it’s a lot of fun.