A prescription I’m not ready to write yet

Sperm Prevents Ovarian Cancer , from our South Korean research colleagues.

And good luck getting that prescription filled.

via Incestuous Amplification


  1. You gotta be kidding, this sound like a sleazy pickup line at a singles bar, ?Hey honey, you wanna preventive cancer treatment?free????

    When I was station in Korea in the early ’70s I remember talking with a bargir….ahhh “hostess” who tried to convince me that there was a pill you could take every year to prevent appendicitis. In addition there was a pill for the prevention of almost every ailment knows to man; cancer, TB, etc. l thought it was silly at the time (good marketing on the part of Korean pharmacists, but silly) and I remember smugly thinking at least Americans aren?t that stupid; then I saw my first weight loss pill ads and revised my opinion of many Americans.