It’s called an Instalanche

Instapundit links to your site and your stat meter melts down. I got linked today, and 13 hours’ traffic after the Instalanche started I had nearly 2,200 page views.

To put the numbers into perspective, that number of page views is 15% of my traffic all last year.

I am often referred to as a Medical blog. That’s partly true, in that I do blog medical topics, but I also blog about anything I want. If you want some pure med bloggers, several excellent ones are linked in my sidebar. Otherwise, have a look around.


  1. Heh… codeblog was instalanched a few weeks ago.
    I started getting all these comments from people I’d never seen before… checked my site meter, and my eyes doubled in size.

  2. W00t! Congratulations, Allen–you’ve made it!

    My Instalanche was slightly more modest, and in fact was actually beat out when I first posted about FNC reporter Jennifer Eccleston.

    Priorities, you know.