Sidebar Links

I thought I’d try some visual links to my blogrolled sites. To that end, I spent a few enjoyable hours with my stripped-down Photoshop, and made some. What you see (over on the side) is the result.

I thought they’d be unusual, and visually appealing. I think, now that I see it, that they look like nothing so much as horrible highway billboards, competing for attention, and not complimenting either each other or their surroundings (they’re ugly). Individually, nice. Presented like this: eyesore.

However, as someone who isn’t allowed to choose his own clothing due to well-documented style deficiencies, I’ll leave them up for comment. In this case, the majority will rule (unless it disagrees with my wife; I’m not stupid).

PS: I’m going to add some more links, but am holding off to see the outcome of this.


  1. Very well done, Allen! I think that it’s cool – and they all look very nice.

  2. THey do look nice. A little noisy, but I like the way Mr. Hassle turned out! Have you considered the 80×15 ‘stickers’ like Steal These Buttons? (link on my sidebar). I have a few image links under my Site Tools side bar that I initally thought was ugly, but have grown used to. (I sorted them by size…as much as I hate to admit it, no one really gets through medical school without a touch of anal retentivness). I also created my own ‘Doc Shazam’ sticker that’s sitting there for the taking.

  3. Dude, I did this on codeblog already!
    It might look a little better if you put some space
    between the bars.

    I like it. Obviously :-)

  4. I would humbly suggest either spacing them, fiddling with the color shemes, or framing them in some manner to make them appear more coherent.
    Just an idea.

  5. They look fine except that on my screen they’re at the bottom instead of in the sidebar. That seems to be a common problem with MT. It’s set up for people with higher screen resolutions.

  6. Lynn S. is right. I was checking my blog on another computer with 800 x 600 resolution and mine did the same thing. Then I started checking other MT blogs and a lot of them look funky in the lower resolution. On the other computer, I changed the text size to smaller insead of medium and then the sidebar was back in the correct place.

    Your graphic links look good I think but would be better with a line break in between.

  7. I don’t mind them, makes it a bit different. However text is probably more accessible. I’m just about to move to movabletype so wish me luck…

  8. Yeah, it’s busy. So what? It’s your site.

    And while many people deplore highway billboards, let’s face it, they’re a blessing for travelers.