Archives for October 8, 2003

Interesting ACEP letter

I got an email from ACEP (my “Professional College”) with the usual laundry list of requests and information.

The last item in the email was interesting:

ACEP is encouraging its members to join the American Medical Association (AMA) to help strengthen emergency medicine?s voice in the House of Medicine.

ACEP is the only emergency physician organization with a vote in the AMA House of Delegates, the policymaking vehicle of the AMA. Since its birth as a specialty, emergency medicine has benefited from the support of the AMA on such issues as prudent layperson standard, overcrowding and professional liability reform.

AMA has informed ACEP that its membership must increase by the end of the year to retain ACEP?s four voting Delegates. ACEP would like to ensure that the voice of emergency medicine continues to be heard strongly within organized medicine.
(empahsis mine)

Well, now. The expensive AMA is aware that not a whole lot of the very very expensive ACEP members are also AMA members. I agree with their desire for representation by membership, but this also makes me aware of how much membership in all these organizations really costs versus their worth. I have written before about why I’m not an AMA member, and this will not change my opinion.

It does cause me to wonder if other colleges are getting the same messages. Also, whether the AMA needs to be more a coalition of the Colleges and their memberships, and less a direct-membership body.