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Feces Flinging Monkey – The Power of Strategic Thinking

Israel struck back against Islamic Jihad today – in Syria! This is big news. It is really good news, too.

Syria is a primary supporter of the bad guys in the region. They control the northern part of Lebanon and provide money, weapons, intelligence, and training to the various terrorist groups operating in and around Israel. They have done this for many years with little fear of reprisal.

That was before the US 3rd ID was stationed right on their border, backed up by the Marine 1st division plus more air and heavy armor assets than you could shake a stick at. Our dear friends in Syria must be feeling very lonely right now, and they have just discovered, in the clearest possible terms, that the IDF will no longer hesitate to retaliate against them directly. Now, they find, there is a price to be paid for deploying their little proxy army against Israel. It is no longer safe for them to kill civilians by remote control.

I hope it works. Alternately, Israel can offer to stop attacking them if they take Arafat. I think they’d rather get bombed.


  1. A’men, brother…

  2. Why do heck, will you as a physician, care about Israel, Syria and for that matter for any kind of politics???

    Decide what are you and what the blog is about!

  3. John, Bite me. I’m have many and varied interests and opinions, and am not interested in having them circumscribed by anyone. Get your own blog and ‘decide what it’s about’.