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He Is Risen

I pronounced his blog deceased ( a puny 5 months between posts is all), but he’s back and in the old form.

It’s about time, and he’s out of the deceased blogroll.

Welcome back, Rick!

Interesting ACEP letter

I got an email from ACEP (my “Professional College”) with the usual laundry list of requests and information.

The last item in the email was interesting:

ACEP is encouraging its members to join the American Medical Association (AMA) to help strengthen emergency medicine?s voice in the House of Medicine.

ACEP is the only emergency physician organization with a vote in the AMA House of Delegates, the policymaking vehicle of the AMA. Since its birth as a specialty, emergency medicine has benefited from the support of the AMA on such issues as prudent layperson standard, overcrowding and professional liability reform.

AMA has informed ACEP that its membership must increase by the end of the year to retain ACEP?s four voting Delegates. ACEP would like to ensure that the voice of emergency medicine continues to be heard strongly within organized medicine.
(empahsis mine)

Well, now. The expensive AMA is aware that not a whole lot of the very very expensive ACEP members are also AMA members. I agree with their desire for representation by membership, but this also makes me aware of how much membership in all these organizations really costs versus their worth. I have written before about why I’m not an AMA member, and this will not change my opinion.

It does cause me to wonder if other colleges are getting the same messages. Also, whether the AMA needs to be more a coalition of the Colleges and their memberships, and less a direct-membership body.

Dr. Rangel is (Finally) back has finally returned to the medblogosphere.

His tale of his move to (El Paso) is a painful personal experience, and I hope life gets better for him.

No word if he remains a hospitalist or has ‘hung out a shingle’, a phrase that shows my age. And he has my sympathies: I lived in El Paso for 2 years of med school, and would just as soon never go there again.

Medic Mom Addition

Another excellent med blog, bringing the perspective of the prehospital blogger, MedicMom.

I was a Paramedic before med school, and respect those who do EMS (prehospital medicine).

West Nile Graphics

West Nile Virus Maps, 2003
West Nile Virus
Why does the US Geological Survey have the best maps for West Nile virus? It’s a USGS processing of official CDC data, and it’s very usable. Just click on your state for a county by county breakdown. I like this kind of data because it’s very accessible to any reader.

I have no idea why some states aren’t supplying data to the CDC. Can someone enlighten me? The other thing that comes screaming through is that Colorado is West Nile central.

Update: Californias’ not providing data to the CDC is all the more curious: CDC: Calif. next year’s likely West Nile epicenter

FFM and Strategic Thinking

Feces Flinging Monkey – The Power of Strategic Thinking

Israel struck back against Islamic Jihad today – in Syria! This is big news. It is really good news, too.

Syria is a primary supporter of the bad guys in the region. They control the northern part of Lebanon and provide money, weapons, intelligence, and training to the various terrorist groups operating in and around Israel. They have done this for many years with little fear of reprisal.

That was before the US 3rd ID was stationed right on their border, backed up by the Marine 1st division plus more air and heavy armor assets than you could shake a stick at. Our dear friends in Syria must be feeling very lonely right now, and they have just discovered, in the clearest possible terms, that the IDF will no longer hesitate to retaliate against them directly. Now, they find, there is a price to be paid for deploying their little proxy army against Israel. It is no longer safe for them to kill civilians by remote control.

I hope it works. Alternately, Israel can offer to stop attacking them if they take Arafat. I think they’d rather get bombed.

Blogger gets undeserved nomination

and has no idea what to do with it. Best Medical Blogs
Really, I have no business being listed in this group, and that’s not false modesty, it’s reality.

I enjoy doing this, and from time to time I write something that’s way above my IQ, and it surprises me, too. But, I’m not one of the top 5 medbloggers; top 50, maybe, someday.

And to clear up the Forbes bio, I’m a former Navy doc, proud to have spent my fleet time with the USMC Infantry (grunts). I haven’t been on AD since 1998, and I’m theoretically still an Individual Ready Reservist or somesuch, but they ignore me and I ignore them.

And, to be honest, I’ve never read In the Pipeline or Living code, though I’m sure they’re worthy, and my vote would go to Medpundit, though Docnotes is also quite good, though not on my daily reading list.

So, thanks, and what the heck do I do with all the disappointed hits, who think this is a Top 5 medblog? My answer is: visit the links in my sidebar, and see how it’s really done.

More in the Sidebar

Today I add the following:
To Geniuses:
Eject Eject Eject, the best essayest blogging. I tried to abstract a small part of his latest, and I stopped highlighting at about 30 lines. Just go, read, and enjoy. He’s not a daily poster, but he’s worth checking.

To Misc. Greatness:
Sleepless in Midland, by (gasp! a Lawyer!), who is proud of the Tall City, and is looking out for the Second Amendment.

To Medical:
Blacktriangle, Pharmaceutical related talk about medicines, adverse drug reactions, medication errors and marketing…

Quite a big day.

SkyHigh Airlines

SkyHigh Airlines

A humor site from Alaska Airlines.

via Feet First