SoCal Fire Map

Rapid Response Fire Maps
The .jpeg image looks nice, and shows there are several fires, not just one. I don’t know why, but from my cursory reading I thought there was only one fire.

An easy way to keep up with the fires.


  1. How close (or far) are the fires from MCRD SD?

  2. Not close at all. MCRD is co-located with Lindberg Field, the main airport. It’s very near the coast, and fires would have to consume most of San Diego to get there.

    Camp Pendleton does have a fire, in the Fallbrook area. That might be a decent solution to the residual napalm problem they’ve had there for years.

  3. That image does give you a better idea of what all is involved. Thanks for posting that.

    I feel so sorry for those people who have lost their homes. And the fire fighters. They must be exhausted.