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Dept. of Aggressive Collections

A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure has a very interesting article from the WSJ discussing a few hospitals’ attempts at debt collection.

After reading the article, I agree completely with these tactics. They aren’t using them against people who are slow pay, or who miss payments: they’re going after people who are very deliberately avoiding trying to pay even some of their medical debts.

Nothing in life is free.

Move complete

Wow, that was easier than I thought. I started shopping around the other day, and found that I could get the same webhosting for half the price. Additionally, for half the price I get more space, many more features, and 24/7 live human tech support (I tend to noodle where I shouldn’t, computer-wise).
MovableType again made it terrifically easy, and I did a paid installation (painless), uploaded the old content to the new place, and, if you’re reading this it worked perfectly.

Also, for the geeks out there, this time I got the MySQL version, which should allow me to turn off comments automatically (comment spam is a huge prob for others, and I’ve been hit a couple of times, but this would make it less-likely).

Medical and/or life posts to come.

When you see this,

you’ve been redirected.

(I’m moving to a new host: same great taste, less-expensive).