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I’m Not One of Them

Worst drivers: Teens, doctors, lawyers

I have been a teen, and am now a doc. I will (probably) never be a lawyer, (unless both Karma and Irony get together in the afterlife).

According to data from Quality Planning Corporation, a San Francisco-based company that helps insurance companies rate driver risk, attorneys, architects and real estate agents round out the top five most crash-prone occupations.

The company also looked at which occupations are most prone to speeding tickets. Again, students, nine percent of whom got a speeding ticket, top the list. Virtually tied for second place enlisted military personnel, manual laborers and politicians, all of whom got speeding tickets at a rate of about eight percent. Seven percent of architects got speeding tickets. Architects and students were the only professions to make the top five in both lists.

Thank goodness they don’t rate me by my profession!

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hehe…welcome Spanky!

Whew. Just when I was a little worried I would become the intemperate voice of Emergency Medicine, I’m saved by the arrival of Nurse Practitioner (and apparent veteran of the ED wars) Spanky (or Azygous, it isn’t clear from his blog).

And, should you have a strong profanity filter, read his rant about ‘going to the ER’, which puts mine to shame.

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update: gender modification. Many apologies.