Archives for November 9, 2003

HIPPA Hoopla

From Overlawyered: Medical privacy madness, cont’d comes an excellent summation of how I feel about HIPPA.

And Overlawyered is added to the blogroll.

Continued Comment Commentary

I have, finally, applied geeksblog’s MT comment closer. The result to you: nothing, really, except that after a week or two people cannot leave comments. Although this will inconvenience the casual viewer, my regular readers will not be affected (thanks, mom!).

( I have currently closed down to one week, but hope to expand to two open weeks). I love comments, but question the value of a comment posted 12 months later (many are spammers).

Please keep commenting. Sorry to go on about it, but the few comment spammers out there take up more of my time than they’re worth. This should help me, and ultimately you, valued reader.