Archives for November 13, 2003

Fort Worth Flu

Today, a patient tested postitve for Influenza on our rapid-flu test. So, the flu has made it here, already.

From the CDC, it’s predominately the type “A” flu this year: CDC-Influenza

So, what to do? Since it’s 98% type A, what to choose? I prescribed Tamiflu, out of habit, but told the patient that it would maybe make them better one day faster, which is the limit of the effect of the anti-influenza drug effects.

I wish I’d been a touch more prepared. A couple of hours later, when I was less busy, I called one of the large chain pharmacies and did some retail pricing. And, it was surprising: Tamiflu, 5 days$79.95; amantadine, 5 days, $8.99.

Wow. As amantadine will cover 98% of the flu out there, and the benefit is being ‘better’ one day sooner, this year amantadine is my drug of choice.

CDC Antiviral drug info.