Different styles

I agree, the grey on grey was hard to read, but I need more style. This is easier to read but is painfully plain.

Aah, well. Something to tinker with.


  1. I thought I was at the wrong house at first. ;)

    Not bad but it does need a little space between the right and left columns. Not a biggie. Just a suggestion.

  2. Glad to see I’m not the only one with that kind of design dilema! My current skin is really dark, which makes it difficult for some to read my entries, or even the links on the side column. That’s why I placed an “Easy-Read” link on the Posted-by area. This link, when clicked, opens the eye-friendly individual entry archive. I think some will be thankful for that.

  3. “This is easier to read but is painfully plain.”

    There’s nothing wrong with plain painful or otherwise. I’m very impressed with the style you’re working on now but I personally urge a cautious approach.

    The text on your blog is essentially a bed in a hotel room, which is to say the main reason you get a hotel room is to use the bed. The TV, furniture and the rest are really window dressing. (well, all similes suffer upon closer examination)

    Anyway, please don?t get too fancy with the test. Just because you can ddo something doesn?t necessarily mean you should.

    I still enjoy your comments

  4. When Wired magazine first came out, I picked a copy up and had a look.
    It had about ten pages between the front cover and the table of contents, and the contents were in various fonts and colours so as to make it virtually unreadable. So I didn’t read it, ever.