hehe…welcome Spanky!

Whew. Just when I was a little worried I would become the intemperate voice of Emergency Medicine, I’m saved by the arrival of Nurse Practitioner (and apparent veteran of the ED wars) Spanky (or Azygous, it isn’t clear from his blog).

And, should you have a strong profanity filter, read his rant about ‘going to the ER’, which puts mine to shame.

via Cut to Cure

update: gender modification. Many apologies.


  1. GruntDoc,

    Thanks for the mention. Yea, I guess I let the profanity get away from me for that post, and I even went back and cleaned it up before posting it.
    I am a guy by the way. Not trying to deceive anybody, like those trolls that happen by every so often.
    All us ER folks need to stick together. I get some really hate filled mail from those who have never worked ER. It is a different world and requires a different personality filter.
    Keep up the good work.