Arvin Mayor Dissed, Probably Deservedly

Reading, I found this in the ‘Offbeat News” section: – Dude, where’s my respect?

BAKERSFIELD, California (AP) — Arvin Mayor Juan Olivares had just one request of a Kern County sheriff’s deputy during a traffic stop — “Don’t call me dude.”

Olivares planned to file an official complaint with the sheriff’s department, seeking to have the deputy fired for what he called disrespectful behavior.

“I asked him five times, ‘Please, officer, don’t call me dude.’ I’m not a dude. I’m 41 years old, I’m a businessman, I’m a Christian and I consider myself a gentleman,” Olivares said Monday.

Olivares is mayor of Arvin, a city of 20,000 in Kern County, about 20 miles south of Bakersfield.

I couldn’t believe I was reading this, a Mayor going to the press because a Deputy called him “dude”. I would assume the way this is usually taken care of is a cordial phone call from the Mayor to the Sherriff of the department in question, and it all rolls downhill from there.

Then, googling for “Arvin Mayor Juan Olivares” I found out why his relations with the law enforcement community might be strained: “Police officers in Arvin are taking the mayor to court

Bakersfield, CA, Nov. 19 – The police officer in Arvin said the city breached its contract with the Arvin Police Officers Association when it decided to stop paying 100 percent of officer contributions to social security.

The California Organization of Police and Sheriffs is representing Arvin police officers in their lawsuit.

A spokesman said Arvin mayor Juan Olivares was warned last week of the impending lawsuit and did nothing to stop it.

And, he seems to have trouble working and playing with others: Arvin Mayor outraged: Allegations against D.A.’s office and Arvin Mayor Reportedly Implicates City Manager In Tauzer’s Death.

So, now the press plea makes sense: he has no allies inside the Sherrif’s Office (and maybe anywhere else), so he chooses the press to complain to. Perhaps he physically resembles a Dell spokesman, but I doubt it.

After totally alienating his own police force, now he’s moved on to the Sherrif’s Office. Good career move. Lookout CHP!


  1. How many terms has he served? If he has served more than one, how in the world did he get reelected?

  2. smartcanadian says:

    Helloooo…. The mayor had open beer in his car! Is this not a BAD LEADERSHIP IMAGE?

  3. He was driving a car with over-tinted windows. He had a passenger drinking a can of beer!
    Why wouldn’t the officer call him Dude?

  4. Google Arvin Mayor and you’ll see this guy is a real winner. I take it by his comments that non-businessmen and non-Christians should be “dudes”. What a candyass.

  5. The passenger was his mistress, he is a married man. Get real dude!

  6. For the record, and the lawyers, I don’t know whether she was his mistress or not.