DHL airliner photos

And not just any DHL freighter, this is the one hit by a SAM on approach to Baghdad: Eyeballing DHL Aircraft Hit by SAM.

Kudos to the crew for getting it down in one piece (though parked off-pavement).

via LGF

Update: from my brother, the Aerospace Genius: (the part hanging down) looks like a like a flap track, mostly because there is a bit of fairing remaining at the front.

There was a lot of heat damage too. It must have punctured a fuel tank. Repair is going to be really difficult because Airbus wing primary structures are composite. It will probably take a lap joint graft of a replacement wing assembly just to patch it up enough to ferry.


  1. Aerospace Genius says:

    Update update: The missile strike was a lucky miss. A heat seeking missile hit would have gone straight in one of the engine exhaust nozzles.


  1. DHL Airliner Photos

    If you haven’t yet heard, on November 22nd a DHL Cargo Aircraft carrying military supplies was hit by a SAM. The crew landed safely, but all civilian air traffic in and out of Baghdad has been shut down. Here are some up close photos of the damage cour…