Website design (again)

OK, I let it sit (mostly) unchanged for about a week, and I’m going to keep this basic design.

One highly visible feature, however, had to change: the GruntDoc title graphic. When Rick saw it he laughed at me, saying it looked like the site of a teenage girl. Unfortunately, he was right. Ouch.

So, I’ve been fooling around with Photoshop and have come up with this title graphic, which I assure you will change / be tweaked. I need to add a picture that says “grunt” but is also compatible with my role in the grunts, which was as a doc. I have several photos of my cover, but good quality, high contrast photos of camo are hard to do.

Rest assured, the big site changes are over, so no more eyeball-assaulting changes without fair warning.


  1. Of course I meant teenage girl in a non-durogatory complementary sort of way. Teenage girls like elder men can be fine graphic artists.

    To me the current logo looks like something out of Happy Days. I expect to see posts by Potsy and Ralph Mouth.

  2. doh! When I say current logo, I mean prior logo.

  3. I like the grey, however the white background seems like I am staring into a lightbulb. I don’t have a good solution. I put up a poll on my blog and after 15,000 visits only nine people answered what they prefer in a background color. Maybe we can get some government money for a study to see what the best blog colors are ;-)

  4. Azygous, at the same time I have readers reminding me that reading black on white is much easier on aging eyes, so we’re kinda stuck. Until I figure out alternate stylesheets, then everybody can pick their own!

  5. much better!
    But you’ll probably change it next week!


  6. “add a picture that says “grunt” but is also compatible with my role in the grunts,”

    Well, then, to be realistic, it should be high, tight and OD green!!!

  7. I like the new title/stencil graphic look, but the red cross is sort of hanging out there on it’s own. Can you incorporate it into the title, like the T in Grunt, or the O in Doc? Maybe layered big and red behind the text?