Anthrax and the Courts

Medpundit: Anthrax

Dr. Smythe over at Medpundit, the best ‘Medical Blog’ around, has been following the Anthrax immunization court actions. In case you missed it, the immunizations were stopped by a judge about 2 weeks ago, then the same judge has allowed them to restart. She has gotten an email from someone who, apparently, either hasn’t done their homework or is trying to spin the argument.

This is one of those issues that engenders so much emotion in its opponents that their few legitimate concerns get buried in a sea of claims that are either false or deliberately misleading enough to completely turn me off. Your mileage may differ, but I don’t get it.

For the record, this is the first immunization series in the military that was command driven: this wasn’t the medical departments’ idea, this was the line command saying that the troops need this vaccine. I left the service just as this vaccine was coming on line, and missed it. I’d get it if I were in.