Dr. Gupta’s Marine Save

On the main CNN page today in the “video” section (which requires a paid newspass), Dr. Gupta interviews a Marine and his parents. The Marine sets the stage, relating being struck in the head with a bullet.

Amazingly, there is footage of Dr. Gupta performing a field craniotomy (cutting open the skull) to remove clot from the brain, saving the man’s life. It would have been easier for him to walk away, and I’m very impressed he did what he did. (It does raise questions about who is allowed / authorized to preform medical procedures on our troops. I don’t think there should be a hard and fast rule, but the commanders and docs should exercise their judgement. Nobody expects there to be a neurosurgeon roaming the battlefield with a camera, but it was fortunate in this case).

The Marine didn’t escape without injury. Film of him in rehab shows he has some balance problems, which hopefully he can overcome.

Thank you, Dr. Gupta.

The CNN video link, if you’re interested.


  1. Gupta was a news embed, but pitched in for a number of cases when he realized he was the most qualified doc available at the time. Says alot about him.

  2. flighterdoc says:

    And, Gupta was taking a lot of crap at the time from the other newsies for not “reporting” the news.

    Two words for the complainers – “Foxtrot Oscar”, damned whiners must be embarrased that they have no real skills. Come to think of it, one of the Fox News talking heads (or cameraman, not sure now) who was reporting on the twin tower collapse dropped what he was doing and ran in to help – he’s an EMT on a vol. fire department. More nattering from the useless newsies.

    And, while I don’t much care for Dr. Gupta’s reporting on CNN, or his pandering to the CNN brass (trying to get a full-time anchor gig, judging from his presence over the holidays), and his general style on the tube. But, if need a neurosurgeon and he’s around, he’s welcome to do what he does best. Two words for Gupta acting like a doc: Bravo Zulu!