I didn’t know, either

what Chris Muir was talking about in today’s installment of his excellent cartoon Day by Day (think conservative Doonesbury, but with talent). I digress.

Godwin’s Law.

I get it now.

Update: Mr. Muir comments.


  1. Two things.

    One. Godwin’s Law is brilliant and spot on

    Two. Muir expected readers to google for “Godwin’s Law” if they didn’t already know it (I didn’t). The implications of that are monumental and have transcended anything that Doonesbury, Calvin, Dilbert, et al, ever did.

    Muir assumes his readers aren?t dolts and are capable of using the Internet to fully appreciate and understand his humor ? he?s done that several times recently, Moveon.org?s foreign contributors for example.

    I think this takes political cartooning to a place that ?old school? political cartoonists can?t yet comprehend.

  2. Muir also was told about Godwin’s Law by a kind reader who clued him in so he could steal-I mean, use it.

  3. And yes, I expect readers to google sometimes, it’s that extra ‘little bit’ that takes a bit of research that can really clinch the humor-one can’t do that to often, but it’s cool to do, and readers are more involved in the process.

  4. Chris,
    I love your stuff and read it everyday except weekends. I could read it on weekends but it’s almost like a present to get to read three in a row on Mondays.

    I especially like your military related ones. As a G.I. for 28 years, I know how hard it is for non-military types to capture the irony and wry humor of the common G.I. and you’ve done it very well.

    If toy haven’t done so, you should google “Murphy laws of armed conflict”

    My personal favorites: “Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than you”


    “Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at”

    and my own personal contribution to the gang

    “Friendly fire isn’t; supressive fire doesn’t”

  5. ‘Incoming fire has the right of way’.

    Man, I like that.

    I’ll have to work these in sometime.

  6. Thanks for mentioning this. I am seriously thinking about putting a link to the cartoon in my class web page (I teach high school computer science and webmastering), just because I find it so funny.

    Unfortunately it’s probably over most of my student’s heads! They ARE in high school, you know.

  7. I note here in the previous I said “…that to often…”

    argh, again.

    too often…