Spirit of America report

Citizen Smash – The Indepundit
LCDR (sel) Smash reports on the Spirit of America effort to win hearts and minds, spending yesterday filling bags and containers with donated material for their return to Iraq.

It’s fun to read about their time spent helping others, and to see the pics brought to you by Capt. Poopdeck.

Others there, who have blogs: Da Goddess, Armed Liberal, and AmericanDigest.

Many thanks to all who donated!  If you didn’t, it’s an ongoing effort, so there’s still time for you to help. 

Spirit of America.


  1. It really was a wonderful experience! Meeting the other bloggers was just icing on the cake.

  2. I’m envious; I wish I could have done more than just donate money. I miss the shadow of the base flagpole.

    Ever since I retired from the military I?ve never been fortunate enough to live close to a military flying base where I could visit and inhale JP-4 fumes.

    Years ago I joked that when I retired I’d hang around the base/post barber shop with a “Retired Old Fart” baseball cap and regale the young G.I.s with stories about what the REAL military was like before they were born ? just like guys I remember when I was a ?jeep? going to the base barber shop.

    I still haven?t gotten the ball cap or hang out in barbershops ? let?s face it, they were never THAT good as barbers in the first place!

    But my wife gave me a retired USAF flag to fly on my community-approved flagpole along with the U.S. Flag. Ya gotta love Texas and Texans. If you want to put up a flagpole your neighbor?ll help you pour the concrete.

    In California I had to petition the homeowners? association to put in a flagpole and fly a U.S. flag.