Wind and Windows

We had a bit of an adventure here at home yesterday! I was at work, and my wife went outside during a windstorm we were having. She reports that during that time it seemed like the wind was coming from all directions; she walked around the house trying to find a calm area, but couldn’t.

She came into the house and heard a loud bang. So after looking around, she went upstairs, and found that a window had blown out of the second floor. The amazing thing is that the double-paned window that blew out fell to the first floor patio, and didn’t break! Both panes, still attached to their aluminum inner frame, perfectly intact. Plastic was applied to the opening, with about 1/2 a roll of duct tape, apparently.

Today, the window folks came, and scratched their heads. They couldn’t believe it fell 2 stories (well, one and a half) and didn’t break. Their best explanation was that it’s tempered glass (the window was over a bathtub), and that it must have landed nearly-perfectly flat. Twenty minutes later, it’s sealed back into place, none the worse for its trip.

Crazy, and lucky.


  1. Man, I miss that crazy Midwestern weather!!

  2. Aunt Susie says:

    Sounds like a contractor FORGOT to fasten this into place! Interesting, though, how it took several YEARS for it to jump out.
    Let me know when those seals fail and the ‘cloud’ appears between the glasses.