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The Devil’s in the Decimal – Engineering geek names son version 2.0 – Feb. 1, 2004

HOLLAND, Michigan (AP) — Tacking Jr. or II onto a boy’s name is too common, a new father decided, so the self-described engineering geek took a software approach to naming his newborn son.

Jon Blake Cusack talked his wife, Jamie, into naming their son Jon Blake Cusack 2.0.

“I wrote in the birth announcement e-mail stuff, like there’s a lot of features from version 1.0 with additional features from Jamie,” Jon Cusack said.

Well, congrats on the new bundle of joy.

However, what’s with the “x.0”? So, the circumcised child would be 2.1, after the appy he’s 2.2. You can see where this leads. Do the wisdom teeth count as tenths, or are they 25 hundredths each?

As a pimply teen (2.294) he’s going to be bragging to his friends, “you can call me 2.3”.

Makes ‘junior’ so much simpler.

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