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Fleet Hospital 3 from the air

FH3 from the air FH3 from the air FH3 from the air
More in a series. A brief comment: the actual Hospital is the series of interconnected TemperTents (sp), beige. Then look at the number of regular GP tents needed to house the talent to run the hospital. Amazing.

Unlicensed Doctor Sentenced – News – Unlicensed Doctor Sentenced
Read the article, and understand how clowns like this can keep working. His patients were hoping he was flying in from Florida to inject their faces with a new cosmetic product not yet FDA approved.

At least one is honest: “It’s very scary. I am a very vain person, and if the silicone starts moving around any more than it already has on my face, I am afraid of what it will look like.”

You don’t look very smart from here.

A very personal exam is learned

Palchik v Popye

And no humming “Moon River”. Hehe.

Update: spelling fixed to Russian from cartoon.