Archives for February 23, 2004

Comanche gets Axed

MSNBC – Army scraps Comanche helicopter project
I was going to lead with ‘gets tomahawked’, but that seemed a little much.

This is very interesting. In an election year, the Pentagon has axed a very expensive and very delayed military program, which employs at least 400 people of Connecticut.

This has to be principle over political expediency, as this is going to drive “spending on defense is always good” hawks and “jobless recovery” groups into the same camp (temporarily). From a political approach, this would have been killed after the election. Interesting.

And the same article says the F-22 is being reviewed by the same group. I’d be sweating the numbers were I them.

She’s Mine, All Right

I was getting ready to leave for another stimulating day of work (aren’t all of yours fascinating?) when I saw, from the corner of my eye, my wife staring at something.

Relief swept over me when I realized it wasn’t me she was staring at.

Curiosity overwhelmed me, and I found her watching my youngest daughter alphabetising the spices in the rack.

Now, this is innate organizational behavior I can understand. Every now and again, when I am underemployed, I will “help” my wife in her domain, the kitchen. I usually help by organizing her shelves and pantry. Seems to me, if it’s tomato based, it should all be together, etc. This excellent sorting is usually underappreciated. Hmm.

Anyway, it’s reassuring to see my daughter organizing. Now if we can get her to do that in her own room….