Archives for February 26, 2004

Black Triangle Calls it Quits

Black Triangle One Year On…
He’s decided to bow out after only a year, citing such frivilous diversions as book chapters, papers, abstracts, etc. A very interesting blog, Black Triangle is written in England, where the “black triangle” on a medicine gives a warning for its use.

Black Triangle has been terrific in providing factual information about the whole ‘thimerosol causes autism” scare, which is such a skewed piece of nonsense that The Lancet recently announced it was apologizing for the original paper (via Overlawyered).

I will miss reading it. In case this is another of the off-again on-again quittings bloggers seem prone to, I’m going to leave his link up on my site for a while.

Thanks for the entertainment, and the education, Tony!

Every Man Should Have

…one of these in his house.

every man should have one in his house

The reaction of visitors to seeing this manly piece of porcelain is divided straight down the gender line:
Men: “cool!”
Women: “who cleans it?”

It should be noted none of the women inquire similarly about the upstairs bidet. (Yes, we have one. No, I’ve never used the bidet; like the urinal, they were here when I got here).

With this and the garage service pit, I have the coolest house around.