Big Iraqi Bug

FH3 bug
I have no idea what kind of bug this is, but it’d scare me out of a nights’ sleep.

Anyone know what it is?

Update: valued readers have identified it as a “Camel Spider”.


  1. I know what it is, Allen — something straight out of my freaking nightmares!


  2. Flighterdoc says:

    Looks like a gerber multitool to me. Handy for austere dentistry.

    Boy, thats a big spider there, too.

  3. I’m pretty sure that’s what we referred to as a camel spider. They get big enough to (supposedly) make stop signs hard to read over there. We ran across them in the wasteland half of Bahrain, and they were frequent on the roads to Riyadh and D-town.

  4. I gave the class last week, it does look like a camel spider, eep! Haven’t seen one on real life yet though but I’m sure I’m going to run into them when I get out there! Thanx for the link!

  5. What Jmarsh said.

    At the Shek Isa Air Base in Bahrain a security Policeman sprained his ankle when he jumped out of a 20 feet tall guard tower when he found one climbing his leg.

    I don’t think they were particularly venomous but I sure as hell checked my boots every morning before I put them on!! Damn things gave me the heebie jeebies!!!

  6. There is another pic of a big Camel Spider on this nurse practitioner’s photo album page:
    5 rows up from the bottom