Black Triangle Calls it Quits

Black Triangle One Year On…
He’s decided to bow out after only a year, citing such frivilous diversions as book chapters, papers, abstracts, etc. A very interesting blog, Black Triangle is written in England, where the “black triangle” on a medicine gives a warning for its use.

Black Triangle has been terrific in providing factual information about the whole ‘thimerosol causes autism” scare, which is such a skewed piece of nonsense that The Lancet recently announced it was apologizing for the original paper (via Overlawyered).

I will miss reading it. In case this is another of the off-again on-again quittings bloggers seem prone to, I’m going to leave his link up on my site for a while.

Thanks for the entertainment, and the education, Tony!


  1. Overlawyered says:

    “Journal repents over vaccine-autism link”

    “One of the world’s pre-eminent medical journals, the British magazine The Lancet, has said that it should never have published a 1998 study into controversial research linking a triple vaccine for infants to autism due to the researcher’s ‘fatal confl…