Navy Ortho Hummer

Orthopedists are different than you and meOne of my friends from the Navy days went to the Gulf with Fleet Hospital 3. He’s an orthopedist, and was very busy there. He’s been home for a while now, and has compiled all his photos, and sent me copies. I think he took more than 300 photos, and many are terrific. I hope to dole them out here as eye candy, and so people can see how the medical part lives, forward deployed.

Update: from my friend: “The hummer was actually taken by the Opthalmologist. … He actually put my name on the picture and my partner on the passenger side. So, it is a doctored photo. It was actually some MP’s I think. Note the tear gas launchers and the NBC fittings on the vehicle.”

Ah, well, so it’s Photoshopped some. It’s still pretty funny.


  1. Oh I love eye candy. Keep the photos coming. It’s interesting to see what’s it it like over there for our guys.

  2. That’s great! I’m really looking forward to seeing some more pictures.

    BTW, I did a google search for “NBC fitting” and came up empty. What is it, and where is it on the vehicle?

  3. George,
    NBC is militarese for Nuclear/Biological/Chemical. I have no idea what on the exterior of that hummer is NBC gear.