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Fleet Hospital 3 from the air

FH3 from the air FH3 from the air FH3 from the air
More in a series. A brief comment: the actual Hospital is the series of interconnected TemperTents (sp), beige. Then look at the number of regular GP tents needed to house the talent to run the hospital. Amazing.

Unlicensed Doctor Sentenced – News – Unlicensed Doctor Sentenced
Read the article, and understand how clowns like this can keep working. His patients were hoping he was flying in from Florida to inject their faces with a new cosmetic product not yet FDA approved.

At least one is honest: “It’s very scary. I am a very vain person, and if the silicone starts moving around any more than it already has on my face, I am afraid of what it will look like.”

You don’t look very smart from here.

A very personal exam is learned

Palchik v Popye

And no humming “Moon River”. Hehe.

Update: spelling fixed to Russian from cartoon.

Navy Ortho Hummer

Orthopedists are different than you and meOne of my friends from the Navy days went to the Gulf with Fleet Hospital 3. He’s an orthopedist, and was very busy there. He’s been home for a while now, and has compiled all his photos, and sent me copies. I think he took more than 300 photos, and many are terrific. I hope to dole them out here as eye candy, and so people can see how the medical part lives, forward deployed.

Update: from my friend: “The hummer was actually taken by the Opthalmologist. … He actually put my name on the picture and my partner on the passenger side. So, it is a doctored photo. It was actually some MP’s I think. Note the tear gas launchers and the NBC fittings on the vehicle.”

Ah, well, so it’s Photoshopped some. It’s still pretty funny.

Continuing Ed for the ED – ABEM Self Assessment Test Goes Live April 5

The majority of doctors are now “Board Certified”, meaning that a certifying board attests that the certified doctor has the requisite training and knowledge for their area. The devil is in the details here, as there are several ‘alternate boards’ which certify docs who didn’t train for the specialty they practice, but who basically did a practice track (experience based) approach. There’s a big mud-fight in that, and I’ll leave it for another day.

My specialty board, the American Board of Emergency Medicine (not an alternative group) is one of the first to start Continuous Certification, yearly tests to make sure their members are keeping up with the literature. I have the study materials, and have been listening to the CD’s reviewing the articles, in preparation.

This is the first year this is in effect, and it’s interesting to see it evolve, as we’re all navigating uncharted waters here. I’ll let you know how it goes.

My 2 Cents on Malaria Chemo

Recently, I got an email from a Navy GMO, assigned to the grunts. I tried to respond to his email, but the return address is bad, so here’s my answer to his question(s):
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Be nice to Cyclists

Or they’ll take your picture! richard[WINTERS]md

And, for those keeping score, Rick has now blogged twice within a month!

Perhaps getting hit is good for him.

If the shop vac fails…

kill as few patients as possible: Attack of the foods, plus the ER uses of a shop vac
go to the ER!

F-16 crash in-cockpit video

The House of Rapp: Thunderbird Crash

Thanks to the House of Rapp, you can see (probably for a limited time) an in cockpit video of the pilot performing the “Split-S” manuver, and ejecting from the aircraft.

Two things: this is a 4.1 MB file, so unless you have a broadband connection, don’t even try it. Learn a foreign language instead.

Second: we’re looking at the pilot throughout the manuver, and cannot appreciate the ground rushing up at us, so suddenly he punches out, and it’s not clear why.

What is clear is how quickly he made the decision to leave, and how suddenly he left thereafter. I’ll bet he didn’t even have time to inhale before the ejection. Amazing.

This isn’t an aircraft crash blog, but it’s interesting to me.

Update: even more fascinating crash footage here: AVWeb. via The Cellar

Here’s the video, in case The House of Rapp elects to stop hosting someday.

HIPPA and the Clergy

Read this Overlawyered

This bizarre desire to codify and classify all interactions, and criminalize some, is having some unintended consequences. Go figure. The over-regulation of medicine, without any demonstrable benefit to the vast majority, continues.

Now, does anyone think this will be repealed, or just infinitely refined through infinite additions and interpretations. The speech police aren’t far behind this. I predict that within 5 years it’s “HIPPA says you cannot talk about “x” with your patient”, and as we’re powerless to banish the camel’s hindquarters (its nose having gotten in long ago), we’ll have no recourse but to comply.

Go read the HIPPA page, and see if you are interested in wading throught the minutiae, all solidly in the law, and waiting to bite you in the butt if you work in medicine. Becaue, you know, it’s a civil right to have my every patient interaction codified and subject to bureaucratic overregulation.

Update: broken link now fixed. Thanks, Geena!

For Texas trial lawyers, revenge time

Overlawyered: For Texas trial lawyers, revenge time

Never, ever forget. The trial lawyers saw their golden goose get cooked, and they’re not going to take it lying down. There’s going to be another round of tort reform law, and it’s going to be really ugly next time.

Get ready now.


Master of My Domain

From MOMD comes the following definition, which is, well, defining:

(n) The feeling one gets when a celebrity makes an ass of themselves, and you are glad you are not them, e.g. when Janet Jackson bared her breast at the Superbowl halftime show. Alternatively, also used to describe the feelings of superiority that well up inside when a celebrity or politician acts like a fool, and does not realize it.

Hahahaha. Perfect.

via InstaPundit

The Devil’s in the Decimal – Engineering geek names son version 2.0 – Feb. 1, 2004

HOLLAND, Michigan (AP) — Tacking Jr. or II onto a boy’s name is too common, a new father decided, so the self-described engineering geek took a software approach to naming his newborn son.

Jon Blake Cusack talked his wife, Jamie, into naming their son Jon Blake Cusack 2.0.

“I wrote in the birth announcement e-mail stuff, like there’s a lot of features from version 1.0 with additional features from Jamie,” Jon Cusack said.

Well, congrats on the new bundle of joy.

However, what’s with the “x.0”? So, the circumcised child would be 2.1, after the appy he’s 2.2. You can see where this leads. Do the wisdom teeth count as tenths, or are they 25 hundredths each?

As a pimply teen (2.294) he’s going to be bragging to his friends, “you can call me 2.3”.

Makes ‘junior’ so much simpler.

Heart Transplant Story