Sorry for the dearth of postings lately. We’re still short some docs, so I’m working more.

Thanks to my 3 readers for checking in; hopefully something a little more interesting tomorrow. I have some emails that deserve a response (good blog topics) and, after a long string of shifts like this, my spleen needs a touch of venting.


  1. All three of us? Who are the other two?

    Good luck on making it through the shortage.

  2. Been there, done that, 15 – 12 hour shifts in 17 days. NEVER AGAIN!

  3. Tell me about it. Recently started working full-time as opposed to 32hrs/week. That extra day makes all the difference sometimes…. :-)
    (Spleen needs a touch of venting?)

  4. See the pictures at

    and scroll down to the photo called “Always Working”

    ?They never stopped. Two days off in 5 months of continuous combat operations. Truely (sic) un-sung.?

    Kind of puts things in perspective.

    Allen, I particularly want to call your attention to the photo “The hootch, or a tent away from home” and the attendant comments.

    At least some in the USMC recognize the need to keep the troops comfortable. I can attest to the noise of the “environmental unit” although after awhile it becomes almost a “white noise” noticeable only when it goes off. It was still preferable to hear it than the snoring two cots away!!

  5. With me that makes at least 4 readers! :)

  6. SuperMom says:

    Make that FIVE!

  7. SIX and counting. :)

  8. Seven