Archives for March 2, 2004

Ebola Researcher Update

On February 19th, a researcher at USAMRIID was exposed to Ebola in a lab accident. The researcher was quarantined there, and immediately became un-newsworthy.

I wanted to know how things were going, so I sent this email (Friday night):

Sent: 2/26/04 3:56 AM
Subject: Researcher Status Request

Dear Sirs:
I would like to inquire if any further information releases have
been made public regarding the researcher who was quarantined after an
exposure to the Ebola virus. The initial reports of the quarantine were reported
widely, but I have not found any follow-up information in the press, nor at
your website.

Thank You in Advance for Your Reply,

And, in reply today , I got this:

Dear (GruntDoc),

To my knowledge, the researcher in question is still in good health.

USAMRIID Webmaster

Well, it’s not really a definitive statement, but on the other hand there’s no bad news. Here’s hoping for the best.