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InstaPundit causes Asthma?

Another first for the blogosphere! – Which cities are worst for asthma sufferers? – Mar 16, 2004

Asthma hits all areas of the United States, but Knoxville, Tennessee, is the worst, according to an organization’s ranking of the nation’s cities released Tuesday.

Tennessee is also home to two other cities in the top 10: Memphis and Nashville.

To bring awareness to the potentially fatal disease, the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America developed a list of 100 metropolitan areas across the country that they term “asthma capitals.”

The group looked at the prevalence and mortality from the disease, outdoor air quality, smoking laws and the number of asthma medication prescriptions and specialists.

Note they didn’t look into blog rankings . Although not a traditional risk factor, blogs really have changed everything.

Update: then he skips town. Something is up!

Bias in Medical Journalism

Oh, That Liberal Media: Bias in Medical Journalism
An interesting article about a medmal trial going on in Seattle, which has big implications for all medical researchers, not just the ones on trial there.

The really interesting thing is that the Washington Post actually called the Seattle newspaper out about their flawed / biased journalism, apparently to no avail.