Archives for March 20, 2004


I have been very busy. I was going to call this “household happenings”, but since I’m not in the house while awake these days, I don’t have a lot to say. We’re very very short ER docs at work, and it’s spring break, so a lot of the docs are off on vacation, therefore I’m working lotsa long hours.

The one thing I did do around the house was a big geek disappointment: my robot mower won’t work. I bought a RoboMower, which is really neat technology, and I was looking forward to feeding it rechargable batteries and having a nice yard, but it’s not to be.

The mower has a tilt-angle safety, to keep it from cutting when it shouldn’t, and that shuts it off on the steepest hillock I have in the back yard. I was worried about it, and it won’t do the job. Yeah, I could keep it to do the front yard, and most of the back, and just hand-mow the steep bits, but the object was to rid myself of the hand mowing altogether.

So, no robot for me. Now I need a lawn service.

And a day off.