Archives for March 23, 2004

Friday Night Lights

My fellow blogger George Jones (an attorney!) in Midland has been keeping a close eye / blog on the filming of Friday Night Lights, the film adaptation of the book by H. G. Bissinger. The blog can be found at Sleepless in Midland: “Friday Night Lights”, and keep scrolling.

I am very anxious about this movie, mostly because I see history repeating itself. Bissinger comes to Odessa, ingratiates himself with the Permian players and the good people of Odessa, which he then makes Odessans out in the book as debased redneck racists. Now, a movie company has come to Odessa for the purpose of bringing the book to the silver screen, the friendly people of the area are welcoming them with open arms. And I have my eyes closed like a crash is about to happen.

I really hope the people quoted in the blog Sleepless in Midland are serious that they’re not going to “…bring in a lot of the stuff that seemed to have made a lot of the populous unhappy when book came out.”

I very cynically said (me? cynical?) earlier in his blog something to the effect that ‘people don’t come to West Texas to make us look good’. I hope I’m wrong, and that this movie presents the people of the entire Permian Basin as the decent , High School Football loving people they are.

I also hope Bissinger doesn’t get a cent.