Bias in Medical Journalism

Oh, That Liberal Media: Bias in Medical Journalism
An interesting article about a medmal trial going on in Seattle, which has big implications for all medical researchers, not just the ones on trial there.

The really interesting thing is that the Washington Post actually called the Seattle newspaper out about their flawed / biased journalism, apparently to no avail.


  1. Thanks for posting that link. What a mess the legal profession makes out of life.

  2. My comments, which I posted in response to the original posting at “Oh, That Liberal Media” follow. But one addition: The original source was the WSJ editorial/op-ed page, not the Washington Post. The Washington Post is a newspaper. The WSJ editorial/op-ed page is a right wing mouthpiece.

    You claim that the Seattle Times coverage is biased, but offer as your only evidence columns from the WSJ editorial page. That source is perhaps (with the possible exception of the Moonie-controlled Washington Times) the most right wing daily publication in the U.S. (The WSJ’s editorial and op-ed pages should not be confused with the WSJ’s news coverage which is first-rate.)

    Let’s be clear here: People died during the course of an experiment that was, allegedly, conducted on them without appropriate informed consent. Now that allegation may be true or it may be false, but the determination of its truth or falsity is one of the primary reasons that we have trials. It is a far better alternative than pretending that the WSJ editorial/op-ed pages are anything other than a right wing propaganda forum.

  3. Aaah, trolls. Where would we be without them?

    Yes, courts are excellent arbiters of science and medicine. Have been since, oh, Galileo.

    This is self-serving crap. Getting called out by the ONE occasionally-conservative opinion page for shoddy journalism doesn’t make am open and shut case that “well, they’re conservative, so they don’t understand”. Respond to the SPECIFIC criticisms made, then I’ll maybe take you seriously. (But probably not, read on).

    People with cancer die. All people die. Some choose to spend their final days advancing science, some obfscuating to make a buck. Guess which one this trial is.

    Way too many of these trials end with juror statements of “I really liked you, and didn’t like him”, rather than being judged by a jury of peers on the facts.

    Oh, and thanks for taking the time to cut-and-paste the exact same argument you didn’t make at “Oh, That Liberal Media” ( ). This sort of considered argument really sways people like me.

    In short, don’t waste my time. I’ll take the WSJ editorial page over this every single day.


  1. GruntDoc: Bias in Medical Journalism

    Big Al points to another piece of bad journalism at the Seattle Times, documented here. Almost as odious as their latest Rachel Corrie op-ed piece. Disgusting….