Chernobyl Cyclist Posts Again

GHOST TOWN is the photojournal of a nice Russian lady who rides her motorcycle through the Chernobyl dead zone, and takes photos. She did this before, and now she’s added to it.

Her site has some of the previous photos, but many more new ones. It’s supremely powerful.

BTW, some of the photos are labeled “”, which has been registered (in Melbourne) as a domian name, but there’s no site there (yet).

via Slashdot


  1. Thanks for posting that. I wasn’t aware she had updated.

  2. The only thing sillier than over-reacting to the potential threat of radiation contamination ? Three Mile Island – is deliberating ignoring the hazards of radiation contamination ? Chernobyl

    28 years of NBC training makes me physically cringe inside at the thought of traipsing around the only place on earth where the background count is only slightly less than the inside of a nuclear reactor.

  3. I thought it was pretty interesting. As far as her dose is concerned..granted, she would be considered a member of the general public in this instance as opposed to a radiation worker…(unless she is claiming it’s part of research?) so her dose would have to be markedly lower. One thing to keep in mind though..we don’t know how long she was there and in uR/hr she isn’t racking it up. Also, Russians don’t play by our rules and logic. When you are a radiation ‘worker’ is Russia, popping 25R WB/Y isn’t unusual. Not good mind you, but most certainly not unusual.

  4. She may be Russian, but Chernobyl is in the country of Ukraine — just for the record.

  5. Apologies to you. I was ignorant of that, and thanks for pointing it out.

    Nice site, by the way.