Diet Update

We’re on the Atkins diet here, and I wrote about it on January 29th. At that time, my most prominent side effect was increased grouchyness. That has receeded to its normal baseline.

It’s my waistline that’s changed. About 40 days in, and I’ve lost 21 pounds. I’m as light now as I was when I left active duty, and my clothes are much looser. My spouse has also lost some, though she chooses not to quantify it (or tell me, whichever). We cannot decide when to quit it, but this diet is so easy to stick with, even when eating out, that it’s not a punishment for us.

This isn’t an endorsement of the Atkins diet. There are several diets out there, and they all work for somebody. Find the one that works for you, and stick with it.


  1. Terrence says:

    I am about 40 days into the Atkins diet, too.
    I have also lost about 21 pounds, with another 10 or 15 to go.
    I am down to about 189 and it feels better all the time.
    It is a really easy diet: I am almost never hungry, and on some occasions I eat because it is past my usual meal time.

    I was a bit heavier than I like to be before this past Christmas.
    I visited my Ukrainian relatives over the holidays. They make so much really, really good food, and I ate so much of it, really a lot too much?

    Anyway, my clothes are looser now, too; especially my trousers. One of the reasons I started the diet is that I refuse to get a larger waist size. My current trouser waist size is now fine; on some trousers I even need a belt! I expect I can even wear smaller waist trousers; I will for sure when I get rid of the next 10 or 14 lbs.

  2. Congrats! What an accomplishment.

  3. John Anderson says:

    To me, the advantages of the Atkins diet are that it is not just a let’s-lose-weight diet but also a let’s-do-this-for-life plan which I think I could stick to, especially once I started tailoring it.

    There are certainly a number of others, sometimes I feel everyone in the US has written a book on diet. Depending on the desired result, most do indeed work: if all you want is to lose ten pounds in two months and you won’t be bothered when it comes back even the 20s Grapefruit Diet works. Most published diets will work longer, of course. But I just cannot believe I would stick to Granola and Tofu…