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News of Death Somewhat Exaggerated

Black Triangle is back in business. Good thing I didn’t take down my link!

A lot of folks announce they’re stopping blogging, but few can just walk away cleanly. In my memory, only Mean Mr. Mustard has been able to put it down and not pick it back up.

I haven’t even tried to quit yet.

Election Results

For all the Texas March 9th election results, go to Texas Elections.

I was interested in how the TMS’a recommendations did, especially the Courts, where docs have really gotten hammered in the past.

For the Supreme Court, all three TMA endorsed candidates prevailed (two were running unopposed, and the winner of the contested seat defeated an incumbent!).

As for the Court of Appeals, 2 of the three I could find data on won. I couldn’t find the 10th Court of Appeals candidate in the list of

$1Million? – $1 million bill leads to arrest – Mar 9, 2004

COVINGTON, Georgia (AP) — A Georgia woman who tried to use a fake $1 million bill to buy $1,675 worth of merchandise at Wal-Mart was arrested, and police later found two more of the bills in her purse.

The U.S. Treasury does not make $1 million bills, but similar-looking currency is sold in some souvenir shops. The fake bill featured a picture of the Statue of Liberty, police said.

“It looks real, but of course there’s nothing real about this,” said Stacey Cotton, police chief in Covington, about 30 miles southeast of Atlanta. “People do crazy things all the time.”

Like think they’re going to get $998,000 or so in change.

Texans: Go Vote!

OK, Texans, find that voter registration card and go vote!

Diet Update

We’re on the Atkins diet here, and I wrote about it on January 29th. At that time, my most prominent side effect was increased grouchyness. That has receeded to its normal baseline.

It’s my waistline that’s changed. About 40 days in, and I’ve lost 21 pounds. I’m as light now as I was when I left active duty, and my clothes are much looser. My spouse has also lost some, though she chooses not to quantify it (or tell me, whichever). We cannot decide when to quit it, but this diet is so easy to stick with, even when eating out, that it’s not a punishment for us.

This isn’t an endorsement of the Atkins diet. There are several diets out there, and they all work for somebody. Find the one that works for you, and stick with it.

TMA’s Candidates

If you don’t vote in Texas, you can skip this one with a clear conscience.

medicine friendly candidates
OK, so you’ve been aching to ask: What Texas Candidates are endorsed by the Texas Medical Association? Trick question, None! However, now that they have their own PAC, TEXPAC has some endorsements. (Click the little pic for a much bigger pic; it’s clipped from a PDF file).

So, if you’re like me and have no idea who to vote for for some of these contests, here’s who Texas Medicine thinks would be just swell. I know you do care, because Texas voters beat all expectations and passed Prop 12, which puts statutory limits on noneconomic damages. (This has not resulted in the wholesale demise of patients at the hands of uncaring physicians, as was predicted by its detractors).

Anyway, I have no personal knowledge of any of these people running for office. Just thought you should know.

Dr. Griffins’ Hell

One Doctors’ Hell
Incredible story. Doctor is falsely accused, hounded by a prosecutor with an agenda, and when finally acquitted (after an appeal and retrial) is left without a medical license, practice or career.


Well, I finally did it. Nearly 2 years at this job, and I went to work too early. We have a very user friendly system, with a new doc starting about every 2 hours or so, and today I showed up 2 hours early (transcription error on my part).

So, I started the workup on one patient, and went home, had dinner with the family, and will go back to work soon. (And, yes, I have my radio on, and it works here, so I’m still taking care of my patient).

I guess it could be worse, I could have mis-transcribed the other way, and showed up 2 hours late.

This Crap Happens Every Day

kill as few patients as possible: Kind of like Cinderella’s Slipper, only not

Read and enjoy. When it’s in your ED, it’s not as funny, and we have people act like this every single day.

Tour of Chernobyl by Bike

short introduction

This very brave and adventurous or incredibly stupid person has found a fun way to drive her motorbike without traffic hassels: ride in the heavily radioactive area around Chernobyl!

Oh, and she has pictures. They’re more haunting than any Holywood holocaust scenes I’ve ever seen.

via Jessica’s Well.

Hockey Night

plenty of seats available I had never been to a hockey game before tonight. Invited by our very nice and gracious neighbors, we went to the Fort Worth Coliseum and watched a game between the Brahmas and the Indianapolis Ice. The Brahmas aren’t having the best of seasons; either that or a misty Tuesday night explains the attendance.

The game was interesting, and I enjoyed it, but the company was better. I don’t plan on a steady diet of hockey, though this was fun.

Ebola Researcher Update

On February 19th, a researcher at USAMRIID was exposed to Ebola in a lab accident. The researcher was quarantined there, and immediately became un-newsworthy.

I wanted to know how things were going, so I sent this email (Friday night):

Sent: 2/26/04 3:56 AM
Subject: Researcher Status Request

Dear Sirs:
I would like to inquire if any further information releases have
been made public regarding the researcher who was quarantined after an
exposure to the Ebola virus. The initial reports of the quarantine were reported
widely, but I have not found any follow-up information in the press, nor at
your website.

Thank You in Advance for Your Reply,

And, in reply today , I got this:

Dear (GruntDoc),

To my knowledge, the researcher in question is still in good health.

USAMRIID Webmaster

Well, it’s not really a definitive statement, but on the other hand there’s no bad news. Here’s hoping for the best.