Spain Reads Blogs

Within about 3 hours of my linking to the below BBC article, I got two comments, both from Spanish bloggers, one of whom is a Physician, both proud of the Spanish EMS system. These are my first (known) truly international comments! (if Americans in Kuwait are placed in a different category).

I have replied to the one who left an email, and have run both linked websites through AltaVista’s Babelfish service (thanks, AltaVista), and they are, of course, very interested in the identity of the attackers, be they ETA or Islamofascists.

Wow. Small world. (And I’m suitably embarrased that the Spanish bloggers can read my US blog, and I have to get a rough translation to read theirs).


  1. Doc, you can read some of our posts in English in Tim Blair’s blog:

    Greetins, Golan.

  2. Hi there GruntDoc. It may amuse you to know that you have at least one Australian following your blog as well :-).

  3. OOps. I knew that!


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