Went to the Mavs game

and got dinner AND a show! And, it wasn’t the game that was the big show (for me).

OK, dinner was nothing special (except for my first french fries in more than 2 months (Atkins no-no).

And the game was very good, with the final score not showing how close it was until the last 3 minutes. I’m not a basketball fan, so I’m not following the season, but my son is. Which brings me to the show.

With about 3 minutes left in the 1st quarter, a Mavs guy leaned over to my 21 year old son (who was wearing a Mavs jersey), and asked “Would you like to be in the show at the break?” I was just able to get out of the way quickly enough, and off they went, behind the stands.

The break begins, and out he comes in his Boston Market t-shirt and wearing a chicken hat on his head. Really. He and 4 others, it should be noted. Then, when the music started, they danced the ckicken dance to the amusement of everyone in the arena. He didn’t win the popular vote, but he has established himself as the best chicken dancer in the family.

He finally got on the court at a pro game, and it was as the second best chicken dancer. Irony continues.


  1. SuperMom says:

    Growing up is done in irregular steps!

  2. Did they sing, “I feel like chicken tonight”?

  3. As long as he didn’t loose his head in the process, he should be ok. If not, well, he can always learn from my hometown hero….Mike!

  4. LOL….that must have been a sight to see!! Didn’t you take a picture?

  5. Of course, this was the night I left the camera at home.

  6. Ah well, you’ll always have the mental image memory I bet :-)