Fencing Photo

it's not keeping things in or out, it just is

As promised, a picture of the fabled fence, at least some of it. The land falls off about 1/2 way down, so the far end is over the horizon.

It’s not attached to the t-posts yet, but I’m working on that. And, the wire is called “Hog wire” by someone who should know.


  1. Is the fence a prelude to a horse?

  2. Quiet, you!

  3. If it is, I hope you put a string of hot wire on the top…although T-posts are easier to pull out when they’re already bent. Very nice, by the way! Looks good!

  4. Yes, excellent job. How much would you charge to fence in about seven acres?

  5. As a fellow ED Doc, I too have had my experience with fencing. Have built picket fence with 8 foot gate out of treated lumber, angled picket stairway, 12x 14 storage shed, and 8×6 playhouse. Something about using a hammer and power tools that takes my mind off of work.
    Hardest part, keeping the fence straight as an arrow which you seem to have mastered.

  6. Darren, for what I’d charge I could retire forever.

  7. Thanks anyway.

  8. What’s the brand name on that whar fence, son?

    Actually looks like what we callout here in California “non climb”–dunno why. It looks like it conforms to the land real well. Built miles of it.

    And yes, if your are going to use it to confine equines, put hot tape (not wire) on it. There are these breakaway outrigger thingys you use.

    The solar powered chargers for the hot tape work real well.

    Best wishes.