Helpful Hints

no sequins for me
When you get new leather gloves, turn them inside out, then use them as you usually would. This gets the seams off your skin, and puts the nice, soft leather surface against your hands. Fewer blisters this way, and the gloves definitely feel better on the hand.

I learned this trick from professional forest firefighters, and I now apply it to all my new gloves. (Except the gloves I use at work: no seams).

I’ll tell you why I need new gloves later!


  1. Another Trick: Put the gloves on, and get them completely wet. Then you can basically mold them to your hands as they dry. This works especially well with heavy elk-hide gloves, or if you can never find good gloves that are small enough to fit well. I’m not sure how it would work with the cheap GSA gloves that most wildland firefighters hate. In my district our cache buys us the good ones :).

  2. Now THAT is a great tip!!!