Phishing and Me

Anti-Phishing Working Group – Stop Phishing and Email Scams

I got one of these emails today, encouraging me to go to their website and give away all my information they should already have:

Dear Valued Customer, – Our new security system will help you to avoid frequently fraud transactions and to keep your investments in safety. – Due to technical update we recommend you to reactivate your account. Click on the link below to login and begin using your updated Citibank account. To log into your account, please visit the online banking If you have questions about your online statement, please send us a Bank Mail or call us at 1-800-374-9700 We appreciate your business. It’s truly our pleasure to serve you. Citibank Customer Care This email is for notification only. To contact us, please log into your account and send a Bank Mail.

These vermin rent their servers from a place in Dallas! Amazing. So, if you get one of these, just delete it and live more happily.


  1. SuperlMom says:

    At least this one doesn’t have a bizarrely misspelled word included!


  1. GruntDoc says:

    With phishers like this, what do they catch?

    I’ve written before about the very common phenomenon of phishing, and today I got a beauty of the species: …Please verify your information simply by signing your account go to If the account is not Sign out within 5…